Tulsa Tough 2024

Tulsa Tough 2024

Posted by BigCommerce on 19th Jun 2024

Seemingly nothing can kill Tulsa Tough

Tulsa Tough 2024: The EMPYR Cycling Photo Epic

American criterium racing has been through it, but seemingly nothing can kill Tulsa Tough — not the vibes or the infamous race itself.

Part frat party, part bike race; for three days and nights, the spandex-clad and their less-than-sober fans (but only for this weekend) descend on downtown Tulsa to race in circles for 75 minutes at a time. Clean cut USA Cycling officials intermingle with fans wielding doll heads mounted on sticks, and the announcer repeatedly reminds the crowd in the adults-only section of Cry Baby Hill to “keep things legal” during the junior races.

It’s Tulsa Tough, baby. Arguably the wildest and most prestigious weekend of American bike racing outside of the National Championships.

We asked EMPYR Cycling to capture the 2024 St. Francis Tulsa Tough in all its glory. Here’s what they sent back:

The week’s winnings.