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(A) STACK 493mm 510mm 536mm 552mm 585mm 604mm
(B) REACH 374mm 378mm 388mm 395mm 405mm 413mm
(C) HEAD TUBE LENGTH 96mm 110mm 134mm 151mm 185mm 205mm
(D) CHAINSTAY LENGTH 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm
(E) FRONT CENTER 572mm 573mm 582mm 594mm 614mm 628mm
(F) WHEEL BASE 972mm 973mm 982mm 994mm 1014mm 1028mm
(G) BOTTOM BRACKET DROP 69mm 69mm 69mm 69mm 69mm 69mm
(H) SEAT TUBE ANGLE 73.5° 73.5° 73° 73° 73° 73°
(I) HEAD TUBE LENGTH 71° 72° 73° 73° 73° 73°
(J) TOP TUBE LENGTH, Horizontal 521mm 530mm 552mm 564mm 584mm 598mm
(K) SEAT TUBE LENGTH 453mm 467mm 493mm 514mm 546mm 568mm
(L) STAND OVER HEIGHT 737mm 752mm 777mm 796mm 827mm 847mm
(M) TRAIL 70.9mm 64.5mm 58.1mm 58.1mm 58.1mm 58.1mm
(N) FORK LENGTH, FULL 368mm 368mm 368mm 368mm 368mm 368mm
(O) FORK OFFSET (Not Shown) 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm


The Ventum NS1 combines forward-thinking design with the most advanced technologies available, such as
carbon nanotubes and graphene. The NS1 features a clean design, disc brakes, and clearance for tires
up to 30mm wide. After you decide your frame size, choose from a wide range of custom specs.


No matter the excursion, we have the road tires, shoes, accessories, clothing, and more for your next road ride.
  We've developed and curated a stunning boutique that is perfect for your ride.


A curated selection of apparel and accessories for on or off the bike.



We Stand Behind Our Products

Ventum stands behind the quality our bikes, engineering, and all of our products. Each item is meticulously desined in-house by our team of passionate riders. Our goal is to elevate your experience and to deliver products that can withstand all normal rugged wear and tear that comes with competing in a triathlon, running a crit series, or enjoying a long gravel road to nowhere.

If you are not satisfied with your order, contact our customer support team about our 30-day return policy or let us know how we can make Ventum better.



Ordering, Shipping, Warranty, & Returns


Lead time varies depending on the build specs and component availability. Please reach out to for more information.


It can take up to 30 days to process a return or refund.


For Standard shipping in the continental US, Ventum uses a custom, oversized bike box and the bike will arrive 98% assembled. You simply need to install the wheels and seatpost and you’ll be ready to ride. A Torque wrench is required.

For bikes shipped outside of the continental US, the bike will arrive 85% assembled. Upon delivery, you will need to install the wheels, seatpost, and the stem onto the steerer tube.


Financing & Trade-Ups


Submit your bike directly to The Pro’s Closet, and share their offer with The trade-up value will be deducted from your order total. We’ll need to email you a custom invoice, so don’t order online before speaking with Ventum Support. The trade-up bike will need to be shipped to The Pro’s Closet within 2 weeks–we supply the shipping label.


Yes, we offer financing through Klarna for most customers in the USA.


Prices online are listed in USD, and Ventum does ship internationally for $299.

General Product Information


Frame, fork, stem, and seatpost (you can request 25mm setback, or 0mm setback).


Ventum does not provide quotes on bike weights, as custom builds vary immensely due to our options available to upgrade components. Please reach out to with further questions pertaining to weight figures regarding bike builds.


Ventum One Disc - 28mm max (700x28C)

NS1 - Tires measuring up to 30mm in width (700x30C)

GS1 - Tires measuring up to 48mm in width (700x48C) *The GS1 can run 650b wheels, with tires measuring up to 51 mm in width)


NS1 and Ventum One Disc builds will be set up tubeless when upgraded to carbon wheelsets. Alloy wheels are setup with inner tubes and clincher tires.

All GS1 builds will be set up tubeless regardless of the wheelset.

The NS1 and Ventum One Disc, when paired with our alloy wheelsets, will be set up with clincher tires and inner tubes.


The NS1 is typically equipped with 700x28C or 700x30C tires. The specific tire is subject to change depending on availability. Reach out to for more information.

The GS1 will be equipped with tubeless gravel tires, typically on size 700x42C


Ventum does not offer custom paint options, but we do offer an array of color options for each bike type.


Please contact Ventum Support with the model and size you are looking to test and we will help set up your demo ride. If we don't have your size available in our fleet, we can recommend a local partner who does.


I already have wheels. Can you build my bike without wheels for a credit?


Currently, chainrings and cassettes are offered in one option for each groupset due to ongoing supply chain issues with the cycling industry.


Yes. Please reach out to to request which seatpost you prefer. Ventum will use the 25mm setback seatpost by default. NS1 and GS1 seatposts are interchangeable.


The NS1 and GS1 typically feature a Fizik Tempo Argo saddle. The Ventum One Disc uses an ISM tri-specific saddle. Specific saddle models are subject to change based on availability.