Gavin Mannion


Gavin likes to say he didn’t have a choice when it came to a career in cycling. Following his father’s pedal strokes, Gavin has been engrossed in the competitive cycling scene since he was barely a teenager. He started out riding for CCB, just like his dad.
Later, while riding for Hot Tubes as a junior, Gavin got his first taste of international cycling. Since then, he has held positions on professional teams from Trek-Livestrong to UCI pro team Human Powered Health. Gavin was the champion of the 2017 and 2018 USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT) and 2018 Colorado Classic. Gavin has won a number of U.S based Stage Races, out climbing some of the best in the world. His most notable win is his 2018 overall victory in the Tour of Colorado with United HealthCare.
Gavin announced his retirement from professional cycling in 2022, but still has an immense passion for the sport. In 2023 he will turn his attention towards the next generation of cyclists, where he will be directing the USA Cycling Junior Development and U-23 programs. He plans to transition to the gravel while back home with races at Tusher in the Crushar, Steamboat Springs Gravel, and The Wasatch All-Road.