Nathan Spratt

nathan spratt

Nathan was born and raised in Indiana, but moved to Utah with his brother for the love of mountains and outdoors. Nathan is a research and development engineer who loves applying his nerdy side to the marginal gains ingrained in cycling. His endurance sport background is in triathlons and raced tri's in college while attending Purdue, but he says that swimming was too boring and running hurt to much! So cycling became his passion. Nathan loves long days in the saddles and races of attrition. Naturally he gravitated towards gravel races and spend the 2022 season racing for ABUS before branching off and becoming a privateer racer. He's one of four athletes accepted into the Lifetime Grand Prix series and he's excited to go head to head with the best gravel racers in the world!


Race results:

Tour of the Gila (Cat 1) GC 2022 - 1st
True Grit Gravel 2022 - 1st
LOTOJA 2021 - 1st
Wasatch Allroad 2021 - 2nd
Gravel Worlds 2022 - 5th
RPI Queen Stage 2022 - 5th
Gravel Locos Pueblo 2022 - 5th