The IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kailua-Kona Experience

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The most iconic triathlon in the world, raced on the fastest triathlon bike in the world.

In celebration of the 40th edition of the IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kailua-Kona, and our recent partnership, Ventum is proud to announce that we are able to provide the experience of the IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kona.

The purchase of the top of the line, IRONMAN™ by Ventum branded Ventum One; fully equipped with ENVE wheels, Pioneer power meter, and Shimano Dura-Ace Components, will offer a limited number of athletes the unique opportunity to register for the 2018 edition of the IRONMAN™ World Championship.


Athletes who purchase either the IRONMAN™ by Ventum Kona Edition or IRONMAN™ by Ventum 40th Anniversary edition are eligible to receive a registration link to race at the IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kailua-Kona on October 13th, 2018.

Slots for registration are limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information, please contact


The Ventum One Triathlon Racing Bike

We are proud to celebrate our partnership with IRONMAN™, our involvement in the sport of triathlon, and continue our support for dedicated athletes. The Ventum One was designed with this race in mind; for the crosswind on Queen K, the climb to Hawi, and for the duration one must endure to reach the finish line. There is no better way to link the undeniable relationship between the Ventum One and the IRONMAN™ World Championship race than to present the experience of a lifetime.

*Qualification criteria:

In order to be eligible for the opportunity to purchase a slot in IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona the IRONMAN by Ventum bike order needs to be placed by Tuesday, August 28th.

As a condition of participating in Kona using the Kona Slot, each Selected Athlete must first complete, on a single day between August 26, 2017 and August 20, 2018 (the “Validation Period”), a mass-participation (minimum of 150 participants) triathlon consisting of, at a minimum, a 1.2- mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run (a “Validation Race”). The “validation” requirement, detailed below, is to help prepare the athlete for participating in Kona. The Validation Race must be completed within the applicable maximum race cut-off time, and otherwise in accordance with all rules applicable to the Validation Race. The Validation Race is not required to be an IRONMAN-affiliated triathlon. An Eligible 2018 Race may, but is not required to, serve as the Validation Race (provided that the Eligible 2018 Race takes places during the Validation Period).