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Choose any Ventum Triathlon Bike or Road Bike from our online store, or build your own custom Ventum One.

Trade Up to a Ventum: A triathlon bike upgrade


Get 110% of the value of your old bike

Use the form below to contact us. A Ventum representative will reach out to collect the information we need about the bike(s) you would like to trade in. This only takes a few minutes, and you can do it all at home from your computer or phone. We pass this information along to our partners at The Pro's Closet, the leaders in the triathlon bicycle resale market, who evaluate each bike and determine its value. Next, we will issue you a voucher for the value of your bike(s) — plus an extra 10% — which can be used towards the purchase of a new Ventum bike. This whole process takes about one day from start to finish, but you have up to two weeks to decide if you would like to accept the offer.


Trade Up to a Ventum

Your Ventum representative will coordinate with you to finalize your order. We'll make arrangements for you to receive your new Ventum bike and ship your old bike to The Pro's Closet.
Trade Up to a Ventum: A triathlon bike upgrade

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