Ventum Developing World’s Fastest Triathlon Bicycle

Feb 4, 2015

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., – Feb. 4, 2015 – Ventum is developing triathlon bicycles that are lighter, faster and more technologically advanced than the competition.

Co-founders Diaa Nour and Jimmy Seear are taking a radical approach to create the world’s fastest triathlon bicycles and to pioneer the future of speed. Ventum leverages technology from fighter jets and Formula One racing to create bicycles that are more aerodynamic and ergonomic.

“We build bikes for people who like to go fast,” said Seear, Ventum co-founder and professional triathlete. “We force ourselves to think outside the triangle [referring to the shape of a traditional bicycle frame]. We don’t start with an existing bike and ask ‘What can we add to sell more bikes?’. Instead, we push ourselves: ‘How can we build the fastest bikes ever made?’ As a result, our bikes are like nothing else on the market. Ventum bikes look different and perform better.”

Ventum used this innovative approach to design their unique, patented frame, which pays homage to the record-breaking Lotus racing bicycle concepts. Ventum’s prototype outperformed the industry-leading bicycle by more than 20 percent in preliminary wind tunnel testing. Ventum is combining their frame with components from the world’s leading manufacturers to create a competition-ready bicycle, ideal for triathletes competing in non-draft-legal races, such as IRONMAN and Challenge events.

Ventum’s first production bicycle, the Ventum One, will be available for purchase in select bicycle stores later this summer.

“We are building the fastest, most aerodynamic triathlon bike ever made. It’s a tall order but initial testing and feedback from our trusted advisors show that we are right on track.” said Nour, Ventum co-founder and serial entrepreneur. This is just the beginning. Ventum is so much more than a bike company. Triathlon is a lifestyle and we plan to cater to every aspect of it.”


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