Lauren Brandon Goes to Boulder

Feb 26, 2018

In this weeks blog, we go behind the scenes with Lauren’s visit to Boulder to see fit guru Ivan O’Gorman.

Who is Ivan O’Gorman?

Aside from being a feisty chap from Ireland, he is known for his work fitting some of the best athletes in the world, from many big names in triathlon to UCI pro tour teams. Being a Retül certified fitter and instructor for the last 7+ years, it’s safe to say he has a good handle on what he’s doing and how to help athletes reach their goals on the bike.

Based just outside of Boulder, CO; athletes travel from near and far for a chance to learn how to best utilize their equipment at Ivan’s studio.  For 2018, Lauren Brandon chose to take the trek to work with Ivan from her Texas home base, and dial in her Ventum One

Upon arrival at the studio, Lauren is greeted by Ivan and the appointment begins.  The initial “coffee and conversation” establishes the relationship, and allows them to work together to assess Lauren’s goals. This stage of the fit takes some time, but is a crucial facet of the optimization process to discuss previous fits, injuries, strengths, and weaknesses. Once the ice is broken, it’s time to get to work. 

Lauren dresses out and the fit begins with an assessment on the massage table in order to identify Laurens flexibility, any tight spots or current discomforts she may have. After the table, its on to the floor for further analysis.

“Built from the ground up!” as Ivan would say, the next analysis goes to footbeds and cleat adjustment before Lauren is finally ready to get on her Ventum One.  

Once the footbeds and cleat placement have been optimized, its time to place sensors on Lauren and get her on the bike.

While Lauren is on the trainer, and adjustments are being made, the two are engaged in constant feedback comparing comfort level to performance perspectives.  The discussion ranges from, “how does this feel?” to impromptu anatomy lessons, “you want this group of muscles engaged here, rather than that at that point,” and more.

Once the fit has been made with her current equipment, it’s time for the Ivan O’Gorman version of “speed dating” to find the perfect saddle.

They find the perfect saddle and her fit is complete.

Lauren is all smiles knowing she has the best set up possible going into the 2018 season. The saying “It takes a village” is no joke, as many in this sport know. When athletes are competing at this high of a level, it takes an enormous amount of work to find marginal gains and put all the pieces together in order to have a successful season/career. We would like to thank Ivan and Lauren for allowing us to observe their fit session and give you a small behind the scenes look at what goes into being a professional triathlete. 


Images&text by Jeff Yingling