His Road to Kona – The Story Of Peter Nielsen

Apr 20, 2018

“Yeah, I could see myself doing a triathlon one day”

During a job interview back in 2016, Peter Nielsen informed the interviewer how he was an avid cyclist and before he could get in another word, he was asked if he can swim or ever considered doing an IRONMAN

“I needed a place to be for me and alone with my thoughts. I like training with people, but nothing compares to the wind in my face or the harsh conditons. I train outside as much as possible.”

An analytical approach to the world of Triathlon, Peter began to train mind and body to compete at his first 70.3.  Besides just the swim/bike/run training, he scoured over data, booked his first race and even analyzed his soon-to-be competitors. To Peter, doing triathlon was all about him, it was place for him to escape reality and the day to day monotony; learning the the ability to check out from the office desk.

“Swim, Bike, Run, NUTRITION”

Preparation is important, but nothing stands in the place of pure race experience.  In Peter’s first 70.3 at Elsinore, Denmark; he quickly learned that the fourth element of triathlon determines the outcome of the race. With a strong swim/bike and struggling on the run, it was back to the drawing board for the first IRONMAN attempt.

While the analytical approach to competition remained the same, Peter started from the beginning to fill in the holes that he discovered from his experiences at Elsinore to IRONMAN Cozumel.

“How lucky I was to be able to hit the road, race and see all the beautiful things this world has to offer”

Hours of training logged, the travel to IM Cozumel from Denmark took a surreal turn on the last ferry to the island.  Being on a boat in the middle of the ocean and seeing the sunrise the following morning, I just had one of those moments where everything seemed right. This is what I absolutely love to do, how lucky I was to be able to hit the road, race and see all the beautiful things this world has to offer.” – Peter Nielsen”

First ride “There was some crazy wind on the way home, but that bike felt so stable in the gust and was so responsive. I never knew you could feel this good on a TT bike.”

Work in training, learning the competition, mastering the nutrition; Peter ran away with the race and securing his Kona slot for 2018.  Knowing that The Big Island would take everything that he had to offer, Peter’s analytical search for a new bike lead him straight to Ventum.

True to his nature, Peter forewent Ventum’s direct delivery service in favor of a trip to Boulder, CO; and the opportunity to meticulously learn the details of his new ride.

We at Ventum can appreciate the dedication to detail, and look forward to supporting Peter and all of the Ventum athletes this season.

Images: Jeff Yingling



Text: Rachel Blechman & Jeff Yingling