Custom Paint

Mar 30, 2018

Here at Ventum, we understand the importance of standing out. We encourage that unique brand of courage that it takes to embrace something new, something wild, and to make it “yours.”

Our goal has always been to offer multiple customization options, from the Ventum bike builder to the white glove delivery program.  There is, however, always more fun to be had than just choosing your wheels, hydration unit color, or electronic versus mechanical.  This week, we’ll take some time to discuss the next level, custom paint!

In triathlon, athletes have embraced the ability to customize their gear using designs that inspire and motivate them to keep moving forward.  Custom paint offers a way for one to express themselves through their bike, be it to get that extra push to throw a leg over on a dark, dreary morning; or have a complete stranger cheer as you roll into T2.  Matching a Ventum hydration unit to a team kit is one thing, but we have this thing against coloring within the lines…

A simple color change, to a company logo, or even dinosaurs; the Ventum Paint Studio embraces the connection between an athlete and their steed. Requests range from somewhat mild to others that are downright wild.

Fresh out of the paint booth is a recent scheme we came up with to really challenge our paint team, and man did they deliver! We present, the one off Ventum One Egypt Edition. This epic paint job pays heritage to Ventum Co-founder, Diaa Nour. The symbolism of Egypt is easily recognizable from its hieroglyphics and dignified gold accents. The paint scheme to reflect the balance of ancient and modern Egypt appropriately. 

The design portrays detailed hieroglyphics: pictures that represent sounds, meanings, or concepts that shimmer along a background reminiscent of an artifact uncovered during excavation.  Along with the hieroglyphs are gold leaf highlights such as the Egyptian flag, the traditional Ventum scallops on the chainstay, and Ventum logo on the fork to combine ancient and modern into one work of art.   

Applying gold leaf in a paint scheme isn’t an easy task, often considered a lost art form. Gold leaf started popping up in paint jobs in the early 60’s on custom motorcycles, hot rods and on salt flat race cars. The effect quickly became the must-have on any custom paint scheme and it can be found in many forms from pinstripes, lettering, and numbers for race vehicles and even fire trucks. It reflects an elegant yet high-end personal touch to any surface. It’s not something that anyone or even any machine can do and often requires the personal touch of an artist to hand lay the leaf without a wrinkle.

To complement the paint scheme, this particular Ventum One will be assembled with our some of our favorite components and continue the black and gold theme throughout the build. Parts from Dash Composites, Enve, KCNC and CeramicSpeed just to name a few.

We will be showcasing snips of the build on our  Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to keep your eye out for more images during the build.

If you have a crazy idea for your new Ventum, we want to hear them! You can reach us by emailing