Can a Ventum be Used on a Trainer ?

Jun 22, 2018

This is a question we get asked a lot and the short answer is yes. But, lets talk about why it is able to be used on a trainer without voiding any warranty.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is ISO testing. ISO 4210 outlines a process for testing the fatigue strength of components. Its testing requirements are built on three pillars: fatigue (caused by recurring loads), overloading, and impacts (which are less frequent events.) With relatively simple test setups, manufacturers can carry out ISO-compliant tests and ensure a certain degree of operational safety. If every bike and component were tested in accordance with ISO 4210, there would be far fewer component failures and subsequent accidents.

With all of our products meeting and surpassing ISO 4210, this gives us an advantage over some of our competitors in safety, strength, reliability and use on a trainer without causing damage to the frame.

A while back while in Arizona at the late Faster wind tunnel, we had all of our athletes go head to head on a max power test. But we did not want them on a stationary bike, we wanted them on their actual bike so the tests were as real as they can be. The athletes could use the gear ratio they commonly use and the bike was already fit for them. This video not only shows our athletes going all out, but you can really see how hard they are thrashing on the pedals and moving the trainer.

If you’ve ever had any doubts about the Ventum One/Z/ZM not being able to handle the trainer, we hope this eases those thoughts. If the weather is poor, just lock it in to your favorite trainer and get your session done!

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