Beyond the Bike: Off-Season Adventures

Dec 15, 2017


Row, Run, and Ride with Ventum

Omar Nour — Professional triathlete and member of the Ventum family — and his partner-in-adventure Omar Samra are setting off from the Canary Islands… to row across the Atlantic! Once fair weather allowed them to safely depart from the islands, they began their journey on Thursday, December 14. Please join us in cheering for Team O2’s amazing feat! Check out their video below, and you can follow their progress with the online race tracker.


Ventum: It’s not just for your bike anymore.


The 2017 Season: Finishing on a High Note and a High Podium

In case you missed Ventum Pro Matt Chrabot taking the win at IRONMAN Mar del Plata, Argentina, you can catch it this weekend! It will be airing 9:00 to 6:00 local time in Mar del Plata on Saturday (Channels 8 and 10), and Sunday 10:00 to 10:00 local time on Fox Sports 3.

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Off-Season Shenanigans

Just starting his off-season, Ventum Pro Cody Beals has a few activities planned, like a new photo shoot…


…While Cameron Dye just finished his off-season, and is now back in training to prepare for 2018.


Triathlete Cristina Mata put together a fun little video of her Ventum, showing how easy it is to get your Ventum One ride-ready!


For those that need their athletic science fix, self-proclaimed champion-nerd-in-jock’s-clothing Cody Beals highlights a study that investigates the correlation between energy deficiency and metabolic disturbances.


Off-Season means Holiday Season, and we get just as excited for our favorite present that just won’t fit under the tree…