Athlete Spotlight: Marni Sumbal, IRONMAN™ Wisconsin AG winner

Sep 14, 2018

Marni Sumbal, 14x IRONMAN™ finisher, 6x Kona qualifier, triathlon coach, and recent author, sat down with us to discuss her age group win at IRONMAN™ Wisconsin on her new Ventum One.

                                      Photo courtesy of Jay Baker


“IMWI was the perfect race for me. I can’t believe how it all came together”, Marni said, “While I am comfortable in the water and felt like my time reflected my training and fitness, I feel the biggest surprise was how awesome I felt on the bike….on my new Ventum!”

Marni had ridden the Ventum only five times prior to her race at IRONMAN™ Wisconsin…

“It felt so good on the first ride”, Marni exclaimed, “That bike handled so well, where previously I have found myself uncomfortable in the wind and thus, I declined my spot to Kona last year in Chatty because I wanted to continue to get more comfortable in extreme conditions. Well after riding my Ventum on a windy day on the tough IMWI course”, she continued, “I felt SO much better in the wind because of how it handles”. The Ventum will provide more stability in windy conditions due to its lack of a downtube. With no downtube there is less for the wind to stick to and push around. For a more technical course like Wisconsin the handling capabilities of the Ventum made it the obvious choice, Marni claimed. The chain stay is shorter than on most bikes which shifts the weight of the rider more towards the center, or the back, of the bike while still maintaining an aerodynamic position. This makes it easier to handle when compared to front heavy time trial bikes. 

                                         Photo courtesy of Jay Baker


Marni qualified for Kona by winning her age group and placing fifth overall among female age group athletes. Marni took her Kona slot for 2019, however, she will be in Kona this year to support her husband, Karel, who is racing. Her recent book, Essential Sports Nutrition  is out now, link below.

Link to Marni’s book: