A catch up with Kevin Collington

Feb 9, 2018

We love getting to spend time with all our athletes, but due to their busy schedules this can be difficult. We were lucky to have a quick catch up with Ventum professional, Kevin Collington, this week and talk about what he’s been up to during the off season and hear some of his goals.

Ventum Director of Operations Rachel Blechman twirling her hair whilst listening to Kevins recent adventures.


Kevin explains that his off season has been full of planning for the 2018 season and focusing on his fitness. While Boulder Colorado is a great place to live, it can make training outside a bit difficult during the winter months. “Every day I wake up and one of the first things I do is check my training plan for the day, followed by checking the weather. On the cold/snowy days, I have to decide if I either want to bundle up for a 4 hour ride or just throw the bike on the trainer. If the roads aren’t to bad or dangerous, I’ll opt outside as much as I can.”-says Kevin.

After having a quick chat, we switched gears. Kevin dressed out and we spent some time dialing in his bike for a ride where we would accompany him and grab some content. 

Kevin’s gear for the day

Heading out to the open road

We took to the hills of Boulder in search of less traveled roads to grab some shots and wrap up the day. As meetings/nice days like these are rare during winter months, it’s important that we work as efficiently as we can to get what we need as a company and to not interfere with the athletes training too much. Kevin was a great sport during the shoot.

Being out of the saddle around these parts isn’t uncommon

We wrapped our time with Kevin and he carried on with his daily activities. We’d like to thank him for spending time with us during his busy schedule and for always being a stand up guy. We are lucky to have athletes like him on our team.